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Imagine walking into every situation knowing “You’ve got this!”

Shelly Horton can make you look good and sound great on camera. Darren Robinson films, records sound and edits both videos and online courses. Together they help you share your skills with the world.


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Not many people have the skills to come up with the ideas, produce the concept and then jump in front of the camera to present them.

But Shelly Horton has never been afraid of forging her own path.

Shelly’s opinion can be heard nationally a number of times a week; whether it’s her regular segments on Channel Nine’s Today ShowToday ExtraWeekend Today and the 3pm News; her lifestyle segments on 9Honey or hosting Talking Married on 9Now.

You can also hear her regularly chatting to Richard Glover on ABC Radio or catch her controversial health podcast with Dr Ginni Mansberg on Audible – Things You Can’t Talk About On TV.

Her behind-the-camera credits include producing for the most watched entertainment program in the world, Entertainment Tonight America, Channel Nine’s A Current Affair and ABC TV’s George Negus TonightMondo Thingo and Sunday Arts. She also hosted and produced her own TV show in the UK called “What’s On In London”.

Her dream is to host her own chat show. She thinks The Shelly Show has a mighty fine ring to it.


Cameraman/Audio Engineer/Editor

Darren Robinson is a TV and video production triple threat, mastering the skills of camera, sound recording and editing.

He works across all channels and production companies including Channel 9, Channel 7, Channel 10, Foxtel, BBC and Endemol Shine.

Within those companies he’s worked on the following programs.

At Channel 9: A Current Affair, The Footy Show, Today, Today Extra, Getaway, 20to1, Wide World of Sports, Lottoland, 9Honey, 9Powered Studios, 9Creative, NRL, Gold Telethon. He’s also worked for Channel 7’s House of Wellness, Channel 10’s The Living Room and Foxtel’s Fox Sports. For Endemol Shine Australia he’s worked on Buying Blind, Australian Ninja Warrior, Married at First Sight and The Voice.

Before working in TV, Darren spent most of his career touring. His life on the road saw him working as a Tour Manager, Stage Technician or Manager, Monitors Engineer, Lighting Engineer, Audio Engineer, Systems Engineer or Production Manager at some of Australia’s biggest events like Big Day Out, Homebake and Byron Bay Blues festival. Also touring with well-known acts including The Screaming Jets, John Williamson, Alex Lloyd, Magic Dirt, Midnight Oil and The Whitlams.

He’s also spent nine years as the in-house/systems engineer at the live music venue The Vanguard. Utilising his master’s degree in engineering, he handled the sound, multitrack recordings, lighting, visuals and even photography for over 4000 acts.

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