Vampire facial

I just want to get one thing straight. I tried the Vampire Facial before Kim Kardashian.

I was the first journalist in Australia to try it when I had my neck and décolletage treated in 2011. KK tried it in 2013. Then in March this year I let the blood suckers at my face.


Bloody mess


Kim Kardashian and me – blood sisters

But competition with reality stars aside, here’s what’s involved with a Vampire Facial.

The official name is platelet-rich plasma (PRP) therapy. Your own blood is drawn and then injected back into your face and decolletage to make it look younger.

That’s right – they suck your blood. And then they fill needles with your blood and inject it back into your face.

Needles in your face, people. Hard core.

Sounds creepy. Looks like a horror movie. But there’s science to back it up.

It uses your own plasma to stimulate the body’s healing process.

Blood is extracted via a vein in your arm and then it is spun in a centrifuge to separate platelet-rich cells, which are the ones the body uses to heal wounds.


This is what a centrifuge looks like. Pretty high tech medical stuff.

When re-injected, it improves the quality of the tissue growing, rather than just hydrating damaged or aged skin.

The treatment has star form and not from the celebrities you’d expect.

Tiger Woods has used platelet therapy to help him recover from knee surgery. PRP has been used in bone surgery, ligament repair and chronic leg-ulcer treatment for years.

“Now it’s being used to bring the pretty.”

I originally had my décolletage treated at All Saints Cosmedical Clinic in Darlinghurst. This time I went for face and chest at Zecca Cosmedical Clinic in Alexandria. It’s not cheap. Around $880.

Zecca call it the Angel PRP but I think Vampire facial is a much cooler and more appropriate name.  There’s nothing angelic about it, this is not a feel good facial.

Ann Piley is the principal nurse and one of the directors of Zecca, she knows her stuff and calls a spade a god damned shovel. That’s what I love about her.

When I was whinging about how much it would hurt she told me to “suck it up Princess” and applied a numbing cream for an hour and took my blood.

Then she used the Derma-pen which creates thousands of tiny microscopic columns that penetrate deep into your skin. Surprisingly that bit doesn’t hurt. That numbing cream is awesome.

She calls it “controlled trauma” to the skin. So when she injects my plasma into my face and neck my body wants to heal it with collagen.

It freakin hurts. And my face is red and swollen. I’m literally a bloody mess.

I am red and bruised for a few days. The Channel Seven make up gals have to swap to special effects mode to cover it up for my TV segments.

But it does work. Not straight away though. Which sucks if you’ re a quick fix gal like me. The best results kick in about three months after the treatment and the collagen has plumped up and comes to the surface.

It’s now been six months since the treatment and I always get comments on my skin. I am not very diligent when it comes to getting facials or even cleansing properly (if it wasn’t for make-up wipes I’d never have clean skin). I still can’t believe I’m 41 and I have wrinkles but I still get pimples.  But it’s not too bad.  So when people ask why my skin looks so good sometimes I forget I even had it done.  I think it was evened out the surface, helped  a bit of the redness and plumped it up a bit.


So even though it’s painful and you’re sore for a few days, the results are pretty cool.  It’s certainly not for everyone especially anyone who’s squeamish.

Maybe it’s like childbirth in that you forget about the pain. Probably means I’ll be skipping in to have it done again next year.

Would you get your True Blood on and try the Vampire facial? Or am I just a cup full of crazy?

Thermage and Fraxel


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